Yamassee Indigenous Peoples Charitable Organization

We the Yamassee people have a history of mistreatment by the European settlers of our land Atlan (North America). We have embarked on the greatest re-education of our people including the culture, music, history etc.

The YIPCO Yamassee Indigenous Peoples Charitable Organization charter is to seek charitable donations to support the education and understand of not just the Yamassee people but all the peoples of the world.

There is great imbalance in knowledge and understanding of the Native Americans people and our heritage. We are seeking support to dispel this misinformation for nationals and all those how deny their roots for lack of understanding.

We appeal to the people of the world to support our emerging government, that after 400 years of oppression has its own re-established government, and are of the original custodians of Americas.
For more information contact inars2014@gmail.com