A: One of many Indigenous people, found throughout the Americas. There is in fact more than one body politic among the Yamassee today (as with the Cherokee, Muskogee, et al), as we all have the right to self-determination and autonomy.
For more info on these rights, among others, please consult the U.N. Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People, and the laws, statutes, and the Constitution of the Yamassee.
We will presume that you are aware of the Mt. Arafat Embassy Clan, a clan (not nation), that specifically was requested and appointed the seat of government for the Yamassee Native American Association of Nations: a confederation or union of Nations/Tribes/etc, herein referred to as YNAAN. There are other body politics within the YNAAN besides the Mt. Arafat Embassy Clan, such as the Mechica Tribes who have signed a treaty with the Yamassee Nation under our administration by way of our beloved Dr. Reymundo Ortiz of Mexico, as well as the Comanche. Thus to insinuate that the Mount Arafat Embassy Clan is not a nation, but a clan, leaves the intelligent to state, “Ok, and?”.  No one within our Clan has ever stated that it itself is the Yamassee Nation. We wouldn’t call ourselves a clan, if we weren’t a clan.
Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle” years ago acknowledged our Clan as the seat of the Yamassee national government in open court; don’t be deceived to think it’s not on court record as such, as this would contradict many events leading back to that day.  In fact, at the request of Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle”, those under his founded spiritual fraternity(ies) are known as The Bassa Clan, of the Yamassee Native American Association of Nations. Yet, another Clan! The Bassa consist of Nuwaupians, who currently refer to themselves as the United Nuwaupian Nation (UNN), in light of their way of life Nuwaupu: they have the right to exist as a Nuwaupian based clan, just as if another Clan decided to adhere to Christianity, its their choice… however they all would, and do, fall up under the YNAAN, not the Mount Arafat Embassy Clan itself. The UNN is called a nation just as the Nation of Islam, the Nation of Gods and Earths, etc. They are not a governmental nation; they may think so, but they are the Bassa Clan, apart of the Yamassee Native American Association of Nations. Many people have been maliciously put under the incorrect impression about this, and many Nuwaupians have no idea that they have been assigned to the Bassa Clan by Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle” personally.  If the Bassa Clan wishes to defect and form their own Nation, they too have a right to do so. We hope they sincerely get the big picture, so that justice for all Yamassee can take place, including justice for any and “ALL” falsely incarcerated Yamassee people.

Q: What about the Yamassee Nation in Florida claiming that you are a bogus Nation with charges being brought against you?

A: There is also another body politic that evolved originally from the/our Yamassee Nation, and is currently running its administration in the Florida/South Carolina areas; they are not a part of YNAAN. Their website is similar in name to ours, www.YamasseeNation.org. This split occurred due to a family member dispute which exists to this day, and resulted in treason; as a result of rebelling against his father-in-law (Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird,) and against his own brother (Chief Golden Eagle Thunderbird), demanding to be the heir of the Grand Chief, (as opposed to Grand Chief’s son), we politely wished [Chief] Sekhu Gentle the best in his future endeavors, but unfortunately he chooses to be an embarrassment to us all as his accusations are emphatically easy to disprove, and he shows a total lack of verbal control, emotional control, and, above all, a loyalty to all indigenous people. When two persons, families, etc have a disagreement it’s just a disagreement, not a media campaign designed to make both parties look foolish. We apologize for even having to bring up our inner family dispute to the public, yet someone has to set the record straight and provide transparency. This matter is also being brought to court; this is how serious we are taking this matter. No one among us is in hiding, nor on the run, nor have the “feds” looking for us, nor anything like that. Competition should only be in a ball game, not nation building.  Unfortunately, and not to our surprise, there WAS yet another group of people misdirected by another former Yamassee Nation national who also committed treason, who tried to draft a check against the U.S. Postal Service due to a personal (not Yamassee), matter. Yet, the public and media maliciously associate him with our people in general.


A: No. With all the efforts against him, the allegations of criminal actions have all been proven false. We have contacted the U.S. Department of State and filed an agreement of authentication with them; why would we be committing crimes and going back to the same parties that can lock us up? If our “blue back” is so bogus, and contains fraudulent governmental officials signatures, why hasn’t Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird been arrested by the State of Georgia and/or the United States? Let’s use common sense to determine why not: nothing criminal has taken place.

A: Yes, he did; it’s a matter of public record. The Attorney General’s office made a bogus case alleging he was involved and responsible in a 22 counts of illegally making legal ducuments, of which was found to have no standing in court. So, to save face, the court ordered a permanent injunction that he should not teach the proper use of the IRS Form W-8BEN, which the IRS publicly makes available online. This injunction is currently being handled by our legal office, as the merits of the filing are based on the government’s desire to shut up a person exercising the right to free speech. To this day, since no one was in fact engaged in any illegal activity, no information has been given to the court as requested. Were there any persons back then claiming to be Yamassee who have had personal issues with the “authorities”? Yes, just as many U.S. citizens, and citizens of many other indigenous peoples’ do. In fact, there are a number of organizations currently headed by people with criminal backgrounds and the likes; while we acknowledge no one is perfect, and that past is “past”, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions on a person’s true ability to perform and carry out their task. With that being said, it’s truly immature to support the pot calling the kettle black.

Q: Doesn’t the YNAAN charge people to be Yamassee?

A: No. We do not.

Q: Does the Yamassee Nation run on air?

No, we do not. Thus we do ask that active members of our Nation support our national activities. No more, no less. Only fools would think that any nation or organization can handle its affairs without the support of its nationals/members.

A: No. Not at all. A few years ago land was purchased for our Nation near Milledgeville, Georgia, however due to a lack of support by the UNN administration and its followers, and others as well, the deal fell thru, and the original financing party felt that he should have a refund of the money he spend on the land. From that point on he has been accusing the Yamassee of ripping him off. I don’t hear any Nuwaupians, and others, who have donated money to the development of Wahannee looking for a refund of their blood, sweat, and funds. In nation building risks are taken, and when a lack of support runs rabid due to falsehoods, sacrifices have to be made.

Q: Has Doosua York met with Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird as rumor has it?

A: To this day, no. Nor has he met with the Principle Chief who resides in the Georgia area. It would seem that Doosua York can fly overseas, but refuses to fly to the Embassy of the YNAAN here in America.

Q: Has the Supreme Grand Master of the Nuwaupian lodge Tshaka Malik met with the Principle Chief, returned calls, and text messages?

A: Yes, on more than one occasion . The Grand Chief’s daughter, Littlebird Thunderbird (known to most of you as Farah), spoke with Supreme Grand Master Tshaka Malik one day, and stated that unless he hears directly from Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle” that he is allowed to speak to Georgia Principle Chief Big-Oak Thunderbird, he will not deal with him.

Q: Has the York family been speaking and dealing with Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird?

A: Yes, quite amicably. They know we are not the enemy; they know we want to build, unite, and move forward as one Nation, clans and all, but the UNN administration refuses to allow transparency and refuses to adhere to the wishes of our Grand Chief, and subsequently the words of Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle”.

Q: Has any member(s) of the family of Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle” spoken up against the current administration of the UNN?

A: Emphatically, yes; but to no resolve.

Q: Do you all plan to fight for the freedom of Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle”?

A: By building our Nation: buying land, constructing buildings/facilities, schools, detention centers, medical centers, and the likes does help to bring him and any other Yamassee justice. You can not claim to be a nation, indigenous to THIS land (not Africa, which we have love, honor, and respect for), and not have land in THIS continent.  If we are to have him or any unlawfully incarcerated Yamassee in the U.S./states’ systems, WE NEED TO HAVE OUR OWN JUSTICE SYSTEM in order and running on OUR OWN land. If Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle” has accusers wanting to take him to court, it has to be in OUR court system. We need to allow for a judicial system to exist in our own courthouse. Where is the UNN Courthouse? Land? Schools? Medical Center? Detention Center? We already have land in Arizona, in a very safe and secure location near other Indigenous nations. Let’s build!

Q: Have you had any meetings or gatherings in Georgia?

A: Yes, all public and free. We have had meetings in Stone Mountain, Ga, Macon, Ga, NYC, Arizona, Kentucky, Philadelphia, Pa, four cities in California and Mexico.

Q: Has Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle” given his blessings to carry out your works on behalf of the Bassa Clan?

A: Yes, he has requested and given his blessings to our efforts.

Q: Has Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle” ever written you or called you to stop trying to include the Bassa Clan in YNAAN affairs?

A: No, never.

Q: Isn’t it true that when you attempted to speak to the UNN members at their former building in Decatur, Ga, near Gresham Rd, they shut the microphone off while you were speaking in an attempt to encourage their members to ignore and disregard you?

A: Sad, but true. Many people witnessed that.

Q: Was a valid reason given to you as far as why they did that to you?

A: No.

Q: To this day, have you attempted to unify the Clans to resolve the rumors and gossip?

A: Yes.

Q: Why have you been so dedicated to your cause?
A: Because it was request by my friend, Grand Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle, who is a fellow Mt. Arafat Embassy Clan national; his ID# is 1-109: Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle”. Until I hear from him personally, I will continue to carry on the works of our people. This is not about being single minded, like the blind would believe, it’s about us all. Love and unity are the keys to freedom, the future, and our children; separation will get us nowhere real fast. Stop confusing being a Nuwaupian with being Yamassee.