Ministry of Education

Molding the future of our nation, continuing the educational system of our nation is by far one of the most important aspects of our nation; why? Well, knowledge is power.  We aim to educate our children to the highest standards, by including the building of higher educational facilities. We as the indigenous people of America have a duty to empower our children to have a unified mindset in order to compete not just in America but globally. In time we expect to be seen as a bench mark for change in how our young people are educated, as the school systems have failed to educate perpetuating an ignorant lost culture.

History is the key to self-identity.  It defines who we are and why we are the way we are.  Large portions of society in the United States, knowingly and unknowingly, have been denied this fundamental aspect of humanity. This transpired because most of the historians who recorded history in the past recorded it from a very biased view point which created a distorted view of the indigenous people of America. This distortion has caused a comprehensive history of the Native American inhabitants, especially the native inhabitants of southeastern United States, to remain in obscurity.  This distortion has also caused the descendants of those native inhabitants a loss of their native identity, which in turn, denies them the ability of seeing one’s place in the stream of time and a connectedness with all of humankind.

InDEED addresses omitted facts of the original dark skinned inhabitants of southeastern United States through educational presentations entitled An American Deception. We believe, that by providing this  information, it will allow Blacks in the United States the opportunity to reconnect to a history here in the Western hemisphere that pre-dates the Columbian era, a history that up until now they have been excluded from.  It also provides all ‘races’ an alternative perspective of the Black population of the United States that would spark much needed debate and examination of the current histories being taught in educational institutions today. And most of all, we believe this information will promote social growth, develop strong self-esteem and interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future by establishing a positive foothold on the past.

An American Deception is a 4 part series on the omitted history of the dark skinned indigenous people of America, particularly of southeastern United States.  Most people believe that the history of the dark skinned people in the United States begins with the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.  

An American Deception provides a unique and alternative perspective of the Black population of the United States that not only would inform, educate and entertain all viewers, but would also spark much needed debate and examination of the current histories being taught in the educational institutions today.

 Brown, Black, and White: Race and Native Americans- focuses on the tactics that were utilized on the dark indigenous people of America, to the point where they are no longer able to claim their birthright.

 The Mound Builders- focuses on the Native American culture that the Europeans encountered and what caused their ‘disappearance

  The Native American Slave Trade- focuses on the untold story of the Native American slave trade and the African slave trade

  The European Assimilation- focuses on how the Europeans assimilated into the native cultures (available  June. 2012)
 Author and historian David McCullough stated, “History is who we are and why we are the way we are”.   By providing a history that provides connections on this continent from the past to the present, the viewer will gain a greater sense of responsibility to themselves, their community, their city, and the world at large.

Each one hour presentation will consist of:
·       7 – 10 minute introduction
·       20-25 minute PowerPoint presentation
·       15 minute Question and Answer
·       7-10 minute closing

To inquire about pricing, if you have any questions, or would like to schedule a presentation, please email us