Red Silverfox

The Tribes of The Southern Culture 

Our aims and objectives are to PEACE and HARMONY between our Clan and all peoples across the globe through the re-establishment of our traditions, culture, education, commerce and all that is afforded an indigenous nation. We are an ancient, noble people intent on creating the awareness and truth of our continued presence. 

Grand Matron Red Silverfox Thunderbird and Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird of Mund Bareefan   Shagruth Yamassee Native Americans.

The Yamassee constitute part of the original indigenous peoples of the Americas. We have reestablished our historical right to autonomy (self-governance) and self-determination as indigenous people of America. We have been authenticated, and certified in the international world, the United Nations, and by the United States through the U.S. Department of State and the Yamassee Native American constructive Agreement prepared to re-establish our rights to govern ourselves as indigenous people.


We welcome all the inhabitants of the world to join us in ushering in a new era of PEACE and HARMONY. We welcome all peoples input in creating this new energy as the world faces major challenges that affect all earth inhabitants.  The Earth is Sick, and this sickness should be cured.