MT. A'rafat Embassy Clan, hereinafter Mund Bareefan Shagruth Gabelu, successfully negotiated our agreement with the State of Georgia, the original U.S. contracting Party, and has established Full Faith and Credit. The agreement was then annexed by the United States on February 11, 2004, via the United States Department of the State. Subsequently, through diplomatic actions Mund Bareefan Shagruth Gabelu obtained required certification (Apostilles and Authentications) from several states of the United States of America.
Yamassee people are now domiciled around the United States. The following U.S. states have annexed said Mund Bareefan Yamassee Native American Association of Nations Agreement: the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; the State of New Jersey; the State of Maryland; the State of Delaware; the Commonwealth of Virginia; the State of South Carolina, the State of New York, and the State of California.
The Agreement of Atlaan and Amexum has created an intersect between the Yamassee Native Americans in law, (internationally & domestic), our Mu/Atlantian history, language, culture, along with the Pan-African movements as well as other historical and modern day political struggles associated with woolly-haired dark skinned peoples from around the world. Our agreement is in force internationally and we now occupy a presence at The United Nations during their annual Forum for Indigenous People.
The matter of jurisdictional claims, definitions of status, and any assumed authority by another nation or state to adjudicate over the Indigenous Yamassee Natives of Atlaan and Amexum now lie solely within the legal authority of the Mund Bareefan Yamassee Government.

About our letterhead
Mund Bareefan Shagruth Gabelu in no way means to imply that we are the Leaders or Chiefs of the entire Native American Movement toward our rightful place in the international world. It is a notice to our Yamassee people.
We stand in support to all indigenous/Native American Clans and Tribes. We stand in gratitude to all those tribes for their protection that they have afforded us in the past, and in this time. We greet all legitimate Chiefs of all Clans and Tribes as brethren in this struggle. We hope that the Great Spirit will be with you all and grant you peace.