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Minister of Culture

The Yamassee Native American culture has been reborn. Here we have some information that will give you brief understand of some of those customs. For more information you can order a book of customs by email us at This is the foundation of our people’s way of life and through it, the Heavenly Ones will guide you all through life.

Burning of Incense and Smudging With Sacred Herbs

The burning of incense and or smudging has been common practice amongst our people in every culture that we learned about. Burning of incense and smudging with sacred herbs brings us positive energy, and helps us to communicate with the Great Spirit. Smudge the room, slowly walking clockwise following the path of the Yamassee Wheel of Life around the room, fanning the incense or smudge pot, keeping it lit fanning the smoke.

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Haza kalun shuttatee
This is my prayer

Cheif's Prayer

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