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The Re-Emergence Of A Nation

We the MT. Arafat Embassy Clan, Yamassee Native American Government constitute part of the original indigenous peoples of the Americas. We have re-established our historical right to sovereign autonomy, governance and self-determination as the indigenous people of America. We have been authenticated and certified by the United States State Department through the Yamassee Native American constitution to re-establish our right to govern ourselves as indigenous people.

The Yamassee Native American Government’s aims and objectives are for peace and harmony between our Clan and all peoples across the globe through the re-establishment of our traditions, culture, education, commerce and all that is afforded as the rights of the first peoples of the region. We are an ancient noble people intent on creating the awareness of the truth of our people that has eluded the world.

The Yamassee people welcome all the inhabitants of the world to join us in ushering in a new era of peace and harmony. We also welcome all peoples input in creating this new energy as the world faces major challenges that affect all earth inhabitants.

On March 2nd 2003, Chief Black-Hawk, and the elders re-established the Yamassee Native American Educational School System and the MT. 'Arafat College of Native American Studies in June of 2003.

On March 12th 2003, Chief Black-hawk closed MT. 'Arafat Holy Tabernacle, and chose the name MT. Arafat Embassy (Pronounced Mund Barufat Shagruth in the Yamassic language), a non-religious government for Yamassee Native Americans. "Mund Barufat Shagruth", operates under the principal of separation of church and state.

On June 3rd and June 12th of 2003 a series of legal instruments were submitted, reviewed, evaluated, recorded and certified or “Authenticated" by the State of Georgia through the Georgia State Authentication Department, that we call the Treaty of Atlaan /Amexum.

"Indigenous peoples, as a specific form of exercising their right to self-determination, have the right to autonomy or self-government in matters relating to their internal and local affairs, including culture, religion, education, information, media, health, housing, employment, social welfare, economic activities, land and resources management, environment and entry by non-members, as well as ways and means for financing these autonomous functions". The above quote is enumerated in the February 11 2004, agreement.

We pledge an oath to defend all this great land, "Atlan and Amexum" called North and South America (part of which is called the United States of America) and we pledge an oath to defend the Constitution Of The Mount Arafat Embassy “Clan” Yamassee Native Americans, and the Constitution of the United States of America BECAUSE IT IS THE Constitution of many of our brethren and allies.

The Mount Arafat Embassy “Clan” Yamassee people intend to continue to bring forth the culture and societies of our birth right!