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Grand Matron Red Silverfox Thunderbird and
Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird of Mund Bareefan   Shagruth Yamassee Native Americans.

Remarks From The Grand Matrun Red Sliverfox

A wise person once said, “Be the change you wish to see in this world”.  A very profound statement, yet it is a statement that I cannot realize, at least not by myself.  The changes I wish to see are much bigger than me.  The changes I wish to see involve every one of us.  When we collectively become the change we wish to see in this world, we can and will make miracles happen.   

Society today has become so me oriented; my home, my car, etc., we have forgotten one of the most basic of human qualities- love for one another.  Our collective loss of memory has sent us on a path of separateness and self-destruction.  We have allowed the oppressors way of life to become our own.  We have disregarded to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.   We have forgotten ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.  We have forgotten our traditions.  We have lost our culture.

Many of us, however, are beginning to recover from this state of amnesia that has held us hostage in our minds and actions.  We are beginning to recover so we can take our rightful place in this world.  We are beginning to restore our culture and traditions so we can reclaim our legacy of peace and togetherness.  We are beginning to restore our cultural ways which are more conducive to us as a people. 

However, while we are on this journey, we must not lose sight of the assignment that has been placed upon us.  We have been given an enormous responsibility, and with these responsibilities, there will be challenges.  The eyes of the world are on us.  The eyes of our children are on us.  Our actions, individual and collective, are constantly being analyzed.   Everything that we do, we are representing Yamassee.

So let’s, starting from this moment, not only be the change you wish to see in this world, but also live the change you wish to see in this world.  Let us not forget that unity, sharing and caring for one another is the strength that binds us together as one.  Let’s work together, as one, to re-establish our culture.  Our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are depending on us!